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Your Title insurance is your “peace of mind”. Residential Title insurance provides an assurance that the property you are purchasing is clear of any prior mortgages, liens, judgments and any other types of entitlements at the time the Title is transferred to you, the new owner

Title insurance protects owners against potential disputes over a title. Therefore, if it turns out that there is a mistake with the title and someone else, in fact, owns the property, the insurance will pay the value of the property. When purchasing real estate, making the choice to get great title insurance is a smart choice.

We are agents for two national title insurance companies First American Title Insurance Company and Security Title Guarantee Corporation of Baltimore


What do title companies do? A title company coordinates the interests of all parties involved in a real estate transaction by clearing title and preparing the deeds. Briefly, that includes: ordering an abstract; ordering a survey (if needed); verifying and paying off loans and property taxes, HOA fees, FFA obligations, judgments, ground rent, etc.; issuing title commitments/policies; preparing for settlement; conducting the closing; and recording documents.

Our settlement services provide security and convenience to both the buyer and seller in a real estate transaction. We will ensure the safe and orderly transfer of real estate. In addition, our experienced title professionals will use the latest technology available to administer the fastest, most secure closing for your real estate transaction by:


Why us

  • Assume impartial fiduciary responsibility for documents and funds
  • Order title searches
  • Present all documents to the buyer and seller for review
  • Receive and review the proceeds from the lender and buyer
  • Assist all parties in determining a reasonable closing date
  • Disbursing funds to the appropriate parties
  • Prompt recording of the deed, deed of trust and any other documents required to complete the sale
  • Quickly issue the owners and lenders title insurance policies
  • For more information on how our settlement services can provide a faster, more accurate closing for your next real estate transaction, contact us.



It is our mission to handle the purchase, sale or refinance of your home or commercial property with the utmost competence and at the most competitive prices in the industry. We are available to answer any questions. Although title companies are the closing agents of the bank that will be your lender, you have the right to select the title company of your choice.

Our aim is a smooth and pleasant closing without last minute issues!


Originally operating at this location as a law office and settlement company since 1970, ET was established as an LLC in 2002. The current staff have 25+ year of experience in title exam and review, settlement services, and conducting real estate....READ MORE >

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